by Fernanda Souza

Life has been challenging lately. Many things are going on and when I think things will go well, there is a problem again.
I’ve been flying between my country and the UK as my Mum was diagnosed with cancer and we almost lost her twice.
When I am far, I’m worried. When I’m close, I’m frustrated because I’m scared of losing my visa, my work is not the same as if I was at the base and I enjoy my life very much.
The fact is, my frustration is affecting my attitude and, because my Mum’s attitude is a bit challenging at the moment due to her situation, I caught myself grumbling and grumpy.
One word out of tune is enough to make me mumble.
Today my time with God was reflecting on Isaiah 53 and what caught my attention was the verse, “He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth”. 
I felt God asking me, “Have you seen Jesus saying to God he wanted to throw your head in the wall because you are so stubborn? Have you seen Jesus saying to God, that he was tired of you not listening to him, that you are unbelievable and he wanted to give up on you? Have you seen Jesus complaining because he left his great work beside his father to be oppressed and afflicted by you?”
I had no words. I have the wrong attitude once more.
Why can’t I keep shut?
I felt ashamed of myself. 
“I’m sorry, God”, I said, “Please forgive me and help me”.
So God said: “Stop grumbling!”
How about you? You may have not been in a situation like mine, but maybe life is not been easy as you would like that to be. What’s your attitude?
Jesus went through a lot, he was not guilty and “He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth”. 

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