by Fernanda Souza Life has been challenging lately. Many things are going on and when I think things will go well, there is a problem again.I’ve been flying between my […]

Are You Happy?

We go on about our lives and rarely actually think if we are happy or not. We have the everyday routine for work, family. We laugh, joke but what is […]

How We Treat Ourselves Matters

lady contemplate the beach

Let’s talk about the lies and the truths in our lives. We all feed ourselves with lies sometimes. Talk down to ourselves, saying words like “oh I am so stupid” […]

Resting is something God projected for us

Rest is something that God projected for us to do as part of our normal life. If He the one who NEVER sleeps rested on the 7th day of creation(Genesis 2:2) why wouldn’t you enjoy this blessing that the Father Himself planned and projected for you?