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YWAM Derby is an international, interdenominational community of Christians, part of Youth With a Mission, located in Derby, UK. We aim to manifest the love of God to people, serving them through our vocation and skills, celebrating the rich cultural diversity, enjoying a personal relationship with God and fellowship with one another. 


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by Fernanda Souza Life has been challenging lately. Many things are going on and when I think things will go well, there is a problem again.I’ve been flying between my country and the UK as my Mum was diagnosed with cancer and we almost lost her twice.When I am far, I’m worried. When I’m close, I’m frustrated because I’m scared of losing my visa, my work is not the same as if I was at the base and I enjoy my life very much.The fact is, my frustration is affecting

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Are You Happy?

We go on about our lives and rarely actually think if we are happy or not. We have the everyday routine for work, family. We laugh, joke but what is actually going on inside. Would you agree that no matter what we have and who we are in life it still feels like something Is missing? It’s almost like nothing can fill up that empty space in our hearts.  French writer Jean-Paul Sartre said once that we have a “God-shaped hole” in us and we are trying to fill it

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University of the Nations

Experience a faith-fueled education. 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations. We are part of that.