Black lives matter

by Jonathan Schmidt our Assistant Base Director.

I will not stay silent. In 1 Samuel chapter 3 God tells Samuel that Eli, the high priest at the time, knew of the corruption of his sons and the evil they were doing. He did nothing about it, not in word or action. God then says the house of Eli will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering.

I myself can not stop the violence, racism and injustice, but I can speak out and stand with my brother and sister and my friends.

Church, we are called to love. Believers, we are called to love, righteousness, and reconciliation. Any action, belief, word, or thought that does not cultivate Agape (never ending) love is not of Christ.

I am not standing against the protests. I am not standing against the police. Both are needed. Both have a place in this war for equality. I am standing against the rampant racism and violence. I am standing for the people whose lives have value and worth but are seen less because of the colour of their skin. I am standing for my brother Joseph for my sister Rebekkah. For many numerous friends who I know that have experienced racism. I am standing for those whose lives have been taken early because of hate and discrimination.

I will not tolerate people’s violence and hate anymore. If this offends you, I don’t care. I’d rather stand for what is right and lose friends than be friends with those who stand on the side of injustice and hate.

To my friends who are facing racism I ask for your forgiveness for not speaking out sooner. I have never approved of racism in any form but no longer will I ignore it and stay silent.


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